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Goldaugen project is a gold fund and gold market educational platform based in Germany which provides individuals various solutions to improve their financial goals. We believe in a profitable, secure investment world where sustainable development brings life-changing benefits to communities everywhere.
Goldaugen idea was created for two main reasons. First, it provides an investment opportunity that gives investors a more reasonable profit higher than any other market. Second, it offers an opportunity for individuals to generate high incomes with minimal capital.
Goldaugen provides a wide range of gold market solutions and advisory services that help businesses and entrepreneurs, especially small and medium capitals, develop their financial income face in the marketplace. Goldaugen offers innovative gold market educational services to its participants. Goldaugen also provides educational marketing solutions for those interested in earning additional income through counseling as a gold market advisory.
The meaning of the name Goldaugen is derived from the fact that excellent opportunities can be created with different perspectives. Goldaugen is dedicated to creating a safer environment for investors in today's complex investment landscape.
Our mission is to focus on providing profitable solutions to our participants. Our vision is to expand our business and be listed Goldaugen project in the major stock exchanges.
Goldaugen is regulate online gold fund platform that focuses on the gold market globally.
Contact information of our experienced team is available in the contact link of our website to support participants.
Goldaugen day-to-day activities are run overseen by several management sections that provide financial oversight and strategy. Our Technical Advisory Committee is responsible for ensuring the rigor and integrity of all our work.
Yes, Gold has a high economic value because it is rare and is known as one of the primary precious metals.
Pure and the most traditional of gold is yellow. The higher the karat of gold will have, the more yellowish. Yellow gold is still a popular, classic choice as the primary metal.
White gold is typically created by adding 25% nickel and zinc to pure gold developed to imitate platinum. White gold is a lower cost and lighter weight alternative to platinum and palladium. The lower the karat, the more white it will retain because the karat is increased by adding more pure yellow gold.
Rose gold is a delicate mixture of classic yellow gold, copper metals, and sometimes silver metals. This metal is misleading, and it isn't 100% gold. Rose gold is an alloy created by adding copper to pure gold, which results in a pinkish metallic hue.
Everyone above 18 years old can enroll in the Goldaugen platform regardless of the location, level of income, and social status and create a participant account under their name with full awareness of our terms and conditions.
Yes, Goldaugen will collect your personal information during the registration process.
Goldaugen has security measures specifically designed to protect your transactions, information, and any activities in your account, and each participant has their identity-verified security credentials. SSL secured the platform via HTTP Secure (HTTPS).
Goldaugen boasts certifications and international recognition for its high-security standards. Stores data and user information are completely safe and will use only for Goldaugen business purposes.
During the registration process, you don’t need to provide us any documents, but to access some of our financial facilities, you need to prove your identity by uploading at least one colored scanned copy of your passport or a similar identification document bearing your photos such as National ID card or Driving license to accept you as an individual client.
Displayed errors may help you, and the system shows where you made mistakes and re-enter the needed information. Sometimes it could be a browser issue. Try to change your browser or turn off any translator if you use it. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.
Click forgot password link, type your participant ID and e-mail, and you'll receive a link to change your password.
Since the Golduagen marketing is a franchise method by its counselor and protects the benefits of counselors, the payment systems are currently through Goldaugen introducer card available, and the accepted currency is Euro.

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