Get acquainted with some of our key management and senior executives team.

The Goldaugen team consists of hundreds of experienced employees and several hundred professional gold traders. Every employee or partner of Golauagen is valuable to us, and we are proud to work with them. But since it is impossible to present every single of our partners, we introduce you to senior managers of each part of the project that have several years of successful experience and are responsible for managing a part of our project.

Steven J.Hoffman

Chief Executive Officer

Steven J.Hoffman is a leading executive and an experienced economist and has a strong track record of enhancing core business performance with more than 35 years of experience, especially in the field of gold market-related companies. He is an entrepreneur and proactive international economist with a high educational science of economy. Steve is developing and managing the Goldaugen project team. Currently, Steven is responsible to drives Goldaugen's executive team as chief executive officer.

Charlotte Huber

Finance Manager

Charlotte Huber is a highly skilled finance professional with over 20 years of experience covering multiple asset classes. Charlotte is responsible for developing and managing all trading aspects and boosting trading results and oversees all financial operations of the project. Charlotte is very skilled in monitoring and optimizing traders' performance and improving trading results. Briefly, Charlotte Huber is responsible for trading, market management functions, and coordinator and supervisor of the Goldaugen trading team.

Kristi Keller

Chief Marketing Officer

Kristi is a talented principal who leads all project marketing teams and all counselor service providers. Kristi and her team are responsible for forming strategic alliances with local counselors worldwide to market a range of global services that extend our services into local markets, lead global marketing vision and development, and drive a team of creative and strategic thinkers. Currently, Kristi is responsible for overseeing and guiding the entire marketing department as a Chief Marketing Officer.

Andrew Schwarz

Marketing manager

Andrew has spent the last ten years working as a marketing manager. Andrew has a blend of marketing skills and works closely with the rest of the marketing team. Andrew leads the team responsible for helping counselors to realize the potential of their marketing capability. In this role, he is accountable for the accelerated business growth and creating innovative solutions for the rest of his executive team and active counselors. Currently, Andrew is responsible for improving the team marketing result.

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